Anmol wakes up early!

Usually what we admire in others is what we ourselves don’t have. Something about others is unnoticeable unless we have some desire deep down in us to have that X thing . Writing has been far from me past 4-5 years. But I have always been appreciative of good writing pieces. Not that I go off the line to explore such pieces but, if somehow I get something ,I read. And in that row, here I am writing my first blog,finally, after so many dangling blogs on cloud that say they  belong to me…! But Password?? And maybe even Username?? Sorry cloud! Wasted your space..! Well, talking about now, so many ideas are pouring in, about what all  I can write about. Let’s see how much I ll be able to put up here. As far as I know, there would be extremes. Some day, I ll put so many blogposts and some days, may be weeks , I may go into black hole anonymity. This is what I expect of my ‘Virgo’ instincts. ‘Too excited to do something new OR too complacent about self!! ‘

Its 6:00 a.m. Started at 5:15 a.m. A bloggy start to the day!! Already enjoying this! Tata till the next!!



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