IIITD Interview Experience.

Soon after the result of written test, from which I had almost no hopes, came a surprise visit of my name in the list of shortlisted students. Well, everything was then so fast.I did not get a moment to think about What? What got me shortlisted?According to me , the test went very bad because of that timer thing. But , it never occured to me that if time was less for me, it was as well the same for others too. And soon, because my name starts with ‘A’, my interview turn came early enough. And soon I was in the Interview room. The panel had 3 interviewers. First, they asked me to quickily introduce myself. And then, why did I want to do Mtech? I gave my reasons. After that they asked me, What is fraud? Now that is such a obvious thing ! Fraud is fraud. My answer was like, something going wrong, cheating and bla bla… They asked if I encountered any fraud in daily life. I told about the junk emails we get daily about the job selections, money prizes etc. They asked about How I knew they were fraud. What if those were true? I told them that we can always check by typing the URLs manually on browser rather than clicking directly etc.Then they said as a CSE student, How would you explain it?.. And in the next moment, they said,Explain us with help of automata. And, I dont know what made me laugh then! I started laughing.. And I just framed the stupidest answer. My answer was , That when we give an input to the Turing machine and if it does not halt, it does a fraud as it does not do what it promises to. And I could see the three sarcastically laughing faces surprised at how stupidly creative can students be.But then I asked them if they can allow me to answer by taking Computer Networks into context. They agreed and then I recited all I knew about Intruders and Network Security. Then they asked if I was good in Maths. And I honestly answered that I just knew basic maths. And then, Algorithms and data structures? I was pretty confident in these subjects and answered positively. They asked me difference between Binary Search trees and Heaps. This I had to explain on white board. They checked understanding of these data structures like, where would the second largest element be in BST and Heap etc etc. These were quite basic questions.  And the interview was over. I was pretty confident of the result on the very fact that I had given them pretty good hints of my knowledge about various subjects. I had talked about TOC, Computer Networks,Algorithms, Data Structures.

And next day, my name gave a much expected visit in the list of shortlisted students. :p



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