Learning vs. ‘Kaam Khatam Karo’


In winter vacation from college, I decided that I would take some online course in android. Simple reason being, I had developed a good interest in this field. And then started the phase of deciding what course would be the best, what course would compliment what I had already learnt, what course would start at the level from where I left.Browsed and browsed and browsed. Finally, got something that looked pleasing. Bookmarked the page and planned that my study would start from tomorrow. Next day, the same page somehow looked lesser pleasing. Had a quick look through the titles and chose ‘Google Maps’ topic to study. And there I was, scrolling down the web page just looking through what all they had done. Obviously, nothing went in my brain’s persistent storage! How would it have? No practical practice . My hands could not take pain of clicking ‘Android Studio’ icon and the brain was giving a good excuse that it would slow down the system & hence, its a better idea to just give a read. Closed the tab!!


Very often, I ask myself a question! Whether I am actually learning something or I am obsessed with the idea of just doing things so that those could find a place in my resume. And the answer to these never comes clear to me. It turns out, I start a certain thing because I want to learn it and then, slowly, due to some invisible forces, I tend to lose that motivation. The vortex of  ‘learning’ that builds up in pre-planning phase tends to lose its size & volume & even ‘purpose’. Purpose now shifts just to add ‘decorator pattern to the resume’ (OOPD guys, you ll be able to relate :p).


After this short introspection in PART-2, what happened?? Yes, right!! The vortex built up! Purpose too changed from ‘merely completing’ –to–> ‘actual learning’.  But before that, ‘ek blogpost to banta tha yaar!!’ 

PS:Would love to read your similar stories in comments below!


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