After 4 months at IIIT-D


My B.E degree was not that happening one as it could have been due to some health issues. And as I always say, after the announcement of  Gate results , the best I could get at that rank was, IIIT-Delhi. Now, I have completed a Mtech semester in CSE-Branch at IIIT. These 4 months from July,16 to Nov,16 were not that easy. Lots and lots of work load to which I was never exposed to before! Here the things could not be taken casually howsoever I wanted. They had to be actually done! Plagiarism check ensured the originality of our work. In those 4 months, I never realised, how I had been taken to an other level. I learnt java, OOP concepts, Android, R-language in just one semester. 4 things in 4 months as compared to the 4 years of B-tech that offered a little of practical significance. I am not saying that I have mastered these things, but still if I look at the post conditions– I have a full fledged web application in Java, a pretty good app in android , a bit exposure to R-language & a little knowledge of data mining– these all make me feel a lot confident. As they say, comparison should not be a ‘inter-thing’. It should be a ‘intra-thing’.It should be with oneself. It should be between what we were yesterday and what we are today. And now, when I look back, I have developed some technical aptitude(may  be very less).This really gives me a sense of satisfaction.

 Yes, I am growing !    

Looking forward to the next 1.5 years!!  Thanks IIIT-D!!  Thank You God!!             


8 thoughts on “After 4 months at IIIT-D

  1. Harmeen Kaur says:

    It is always a pleasure to read something postive happening in someone’s life …gives you a dose of boost…so does your article…
    Wishing you trucks full of work ahead..😄😜
    P.s .i really love the inter intra thought.


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