Enduring Souls…

Just came across my X std. diary. And I found this piece, I wrote then..! Really cant imagine writing such a thing now.


Some words of admiration, though not complete                                                                                         Just a shallow understanding of my parents, I reveal;

I salute the man who defined birth of child                                                                                                         as the only day, you cried & your parents smiled;

Their love and care both obscure                                                                                                                       Their scolding to me, selfless for sure;

I may sometimes make them repine                                                                                                                    Still they cant hate me, their life is mine;

When someone gulls or I am in malaise                                                                                                             They lit my path, enthuse me to rise;

I am so selfish to thank for their gifts                                                                                                                      Still they can’t see me browned off in rifts;

When the webs of life enfeeble me                                                                                                                              as scissors they come and make me free;

They are the emblem of demand-less sacrifice                                                                                               Drill the good in me, remove all vice;

May the angels too grass their road                                                                                                                    support the shoulders those carried my load;

Give them the happiness that I stole…                                                                                                                       Let everyone feel the warmth of these enduring souls!!

#Thank You God for the Bestest parents


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