I have a very little experience of this spiritual road, but I have been lucky enough to understand that implementing teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji gives you the best and the deepest cleansing. Remember Him with love & He personally comes to remove all our vices, worries, fears and what not. I was a damn worrier; even in good times. But with Guru Nanak, even the worst times pass so smoothly. I have seen a wonderful, unbelievable change in myself, my perspective towards life & people, how I control anger , how I handle situations etc.

I observe now, nothing literally makes me angry. I have learned acceptance. I accept the things & people as they are happily. I have developed this strange understanding that everybody has different mental level and perspective. The actions that offended me earlier, are the ones on which I have a good inner hidden laugh today. And its really fun! This art of forgiving.

I see a ‘sehaj’ in everything I do. Earlier, everything was fast. And when it was fast, there were temporary things, temporary people that came and went. And now, I allow nothing temporary in life.I have started making choices that are permanent. I have learnt to give some time to things to go on their own pace and fall into place, forcing nothing upon myself. This really gives a sense of detachment. There are few but permanent people who are a part of my life. And its beautiful!

I have stopped taking decisions completely. And happily accept whatever life offers. I do have doubts sometimes but I am lucky enough to get answers…by whatever source. All it requires is a morning prayer,

Daas jaan mori sada rachh karo sarbang||

and it becomes Guru’s duty to be with us the whole time. Never was life so peaceful before, and never was it so fun!

Agam agochar alakh apara chinta karoh hamari
Jal thal mahiyal bharpur leena ghat ghat jot tumari||


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