Free to modify, share, and use commercially

Yes, you have to lose on some better things if you want them for free! We, as students have to let go of some beautiful pictures, some appropriate pictures or icons for our projects because we are not legally allowed to use them. And the results after applying this filter in the image search are not that good ones. And the backgrounds of our projects, the UI, has to suffer.

How this relates to everything in life!

If you want it for free, you compromise with quality.

If you pay for it, you ll get the quality, but maybe you compromise with your needs & your wish for how you exactly wanted it.

And the best is If you yourself do it, there is no compromise at all! You learn, you improvise & you CREATE!!  Hence, you build the same thing, yet very different and you know it because nothing else satisfied your need! 

#Winners don’t do different things! They do things differently!

 PS: Bing has beautiful lessons to teach!


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