Thought Cloud

Just as a word-cloud, thoughts in my mind are all messed up. Its when logic and emotions are upfront for a war in which none but you is going to be pissed. Watching motivational videos does not help. Keeping yourself busy does not help. Nothing helps.

Maybe brain needs to sit back, relax, and clearly think!

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The Barnum Effect


This morning, I woke up with a mood to write. Unfortunately, with no idea of what to write. Logged in to Facebook. And there they were, so many posts about ‘Virgos’. I love reading those. I feel special. And in that curiosity, I googled, ‘how true are the sunsign characteristics’. Yes, exactly this. Then following the latest trend, somewhere, where you get the most satisfying answers,’Quora’ , I came accross a post that mentioned Barnum Effect which is,

The Barnum effect, also called the Forer effect, is the observation that individuals will give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personality that supposedly are tailored specifically for them but are, in fact, vague and general enough to apply to a wide range of people. This effect can provide a partial explanation for the widespread acceptance of some beliefs and practices, such as astrology, fortune telling, graphology, aura reading and some types of personality tests.                                                                                    -source: wikipedia (

Still not fully convinced, but to an extent, yes! But won’t stop reading those posts. Who would not like being treated unique though only in their minds..! :p

Evil wishes

Life never cheats, neither do men,                                                                                                                                    its mind that greets,all thoughts like glen;

What we wish is not bound to be,                                                                                                                                     prayers not answered,why discontent the beings?

Its all your wish,to wish or not,                                                                                                                                            Life more tangled,more you try to sort!

Leave all on him as he knows all,                                                                                                                                 On edge if stood a thousand men,                                                                                                                                  None but he will prevent your fall..!

Miracles do happen, but are never shown,                                                                                                                      for the selfish man, whole credit owns.

Our boat does sail, its all his grace;                                                                                                                                     He’s all love, no body,no face.

Leave all on him as he knows all,                                                                                                                                            On edge if stood a thousand men,                                                                                                                                None but he will prevent your fall..!

Free to modify, share, and use commercially

Yes, you have to lose on some better things if you want them for free! We, as students have to let go of some beautiful pictures, some appropriate pictures or icons for our projects because we are not legally allowed to use them. And the results after applying this filter in the image search are not that good ones. And the backgrounds of our projects, the UI, has to suffer.

How this relates to everything in life!

If you want it for free, you compromise with quality.

If you pay for it, you ll get the quality, but maybe you compromise with your needs & your wish for how you exactly wanted it.

And the best is If you yourself do it, there is no compromise at all! You learn, you improvise & you CREATE!!  Hence, you build the same thing, yet very different and you know it because nothing else satisfied your need! 

#Winners don’t do different things! They do things differently!

 PS: Bing has beautiful lessons to teach!

Déjà vu


Mumma Papa at back!

Some days, I feel very beautiful! Beautiful inside out.

December 6,2016 was one such day. Could not help but looking at myself! :p

After so many years, I shopped a good shopping. It was all like a Déjà vu. Everything on repeat. Escalators, Try Rooms, Food court, the whole ambience…Perfect! I did my last ‘mall’ shopping in 2011 I remember,when I got admission in UIET, Panjab University. Since then, I have been wearing kurtas and all! And then this day! On parents’ anniversary. Thanks to papa’s alumni meet, I had a reason good enough to shop.

Fun Day It Was!!

#FeelingThankful  #FeelingBlessed


I have a very little experience of this spiritual road, but I have been lucky enough to understand that implementing teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji gives you the best and the deepest cleansing. Remember Him with love & He personally comes to remove all our vices, worries, fears and what not. I was a damn worrier; even in good times. But with Guru Nanak, even the worst times pass so smoothly. I have seen a wonderful, unbelievable change in myself, my perspective towards life & people, how I control anger , how I handle situations etc.

I observe now, nothing literally makes me angry. I have learned acceptance. I accept the things & people as they are happily. I have developed this strange understanding that everybody has different mental level and perspective. The actions that offended me earlier, are the ones on which I have a good inner hidden laugh today. And its really fun! This art of forgiving.

I see a ‘sehaj’ in everything I do. Earlier, everything was fast. And when it was fast, there were temporary things, temporary people that came and went. And now, I allow nothing temporary in life.I have started making choices that are permanent. I have learnt to give some time to things to go on their own pace and fall into place, forcing nothing upon myself. This really gives a sense of detachment. There are few but permanent people who are a part of my life. And its beautiful!

I have stopped taking decisions completely. And happily accept whatever life offers. I do have doubts sometimes but I am lucky enough to get answers…by whatever source. All it requires is a morning prayer,

Daas jaan mori sada rachh karo sarbang||

and it becomes Guru’s duty to be with us the whole time. Never was life so peaceful before, and never was it so fun!

Agam agochar alakh apara chinta karoh hamari
Jal thal mahiyal bharpur leena ghat ghat jot tumari||

Back to J & J

People have changed.They have become harsh. So have things. Things too have become harsh. It occurred to me today morning  that most of the things I use are the ones that I used in  childhood. I am back to Johnson’s & Johnson’s !  My face cream, my soap, face wash & body oil are all from J & J. On a careful thought, I realise that I have come to choose this after trying bulk of brands in market. I have settled on this as I want to have that delicate baby like care. Its the trust we develop on the manufacturers that at least they ll develop nothing wrong for a baby & that they will use no harsh chemicals. This is the same that we want for our body too!

Its interesting how a person changes and changes and how sometimes he realises that some good things were not meant to be changed then!

Enduring Souls…

Just came across my X std. diary. And I found this piece, I wrote then..! Really cant imagine writing such a thing now.


Some words of admiration, though not complete                                                                                         Just a shallow understanding of my parents, I reveal;

I salute the man who defined birth of child                                                                                                         as the only day, you cried & your parents smiled;

Their love and care both obscure                                                                                                                       Their scolding to me, selfless for sure;

I may sometimes make them repine                                                                                                                    Still they cant hate me, their life is mine;

When someone gulls or I am in malaise                                                                                                             They lit my path, enthuse me to rise;

I am so selfish to thank for their gifts                                                                                                                      Still they can’t see me browned off in rifts;

When the webs of life enfeeble me                                                                                                                              as scissors they come and make me free;

They are the emblem of demand-less sacrifice                                                                                               Drill the good in me, remove all vice;

May the angels too grass their road                                                                                                                    support the shoulders those carried my load;

Give them the happiness that I stole…                                                                                                                       Let everyone feel the warmth of these enduring souls!!

#Thank You God for the Bestest parents

After 4 months at IIIT-D


My B.E degree was not that happening one as it could have been due to some health issues. And as I always say, after the announcement of  Gate results , the best I could get at that rank was, IIIT-Delhi. Now, I have completed a Mtech semester in CSE-Branch at IIIT. These 4 months from July,16 to Nov,16 were not that easy. Lots and lots of work load to which I was never exposed to before! Here the things could not be taken casually howsoever I wanted. They had to be actually done! Plagiarism check ensured the originality of our work. In those 4 months, I never realised, how I had been taken to an other level. I learnt java, OOP concepts, Android, R-language in just one semester. 4 things in 4 months as compared to the 4 years of B-tech that offered a little of practical significance. I am not saying that I have mastered these things, but still if I look at the post conditions– I have a full fledged web application in Java, a pretty good app in android , a bit exposure to R-language & a little knowledge of data mining– these all make me feel a lot confident. As they say, comparison should not be a ‘inter-thing’. It should be a ‘intra-thing’.It should be with oneself. It should be between what we were yesterday and what we are today. And now, when I look back, I have developed some technical aptitude(may  be very less).This really gives me a sense of satisfaction.

 Yes, I am growing !    

Looking forward to the next 1.5 years!!  Thanks IIIT-D!!  Thank You God!!             

Learning vs. ‘Kaam Khatam Karo’


In winter vacation from college, I decided that I would take some online course in android. Simple reason being, I had developed a good interest in this field. And then started the phase of deciding what course would be the best, what course would compliment what I had already learnt, what course would start at the level from where I left.Browsed and browsed and browsed. Finally, got something that looked pleasing. Bookmarked the page and planned that my study would start from tomorrow. Next day, the same page somehow looked lesser pleasing. Had a quick look through the titles and chose ‘Google Maps’ topic to study. And there I was, scrolling down the web page just looking through what all they had done. Obviously, nothing went in my brain’s persistent storage! How would it have? No practical practice . My hands could not take pain of clicking ‘Android Studio’ icon and the brain was giving a good excuse that it would slow down the system & hence, its a better idea to just give a read. Closed the tab!!


Very often, I ask myself a question! Whether I am actually learning something or I am obsessed with the idea of just doing things so that those could find a place in my resume. And the answer to these never comes clear to me. It turns out, I start a certain thing because I want to learn it and then, slowly, due to some invisible forces, I tend to lose that motivation. The vortex of  ‘learning’ that builds up in pre-planning phase tends to lose its size & volume & even ‘purpose’. Purpose now shifts just to add ‘decorator pattern to the resume’ (OOPD guys, you ll be able to relate :p).


After this short introspection in PART-2, what happened?? Yes, right!! The vortex built up! Purpose too changed from ‘merely completing’ –to–> ‘actual learning’.  But before that, ‘ek blogpost to banta tha yaar!!’ 

PS:Would love to read your similar stories in comments below!